Wednesday, July 29, 2009


i felt like doing a face..
first worked it up in sketcher then took it over to photoshop for color


  1. An exercise in character placement! I shall now provide several interpretations of this most solemn fellow.

    - Ace Maxington is a triple-X-hArdc0rE skater, who cuts last period physics class to cut his skate deck in his neighbor's pool. He shows he's not afraid to push it to the freakin' limit with his bony piercings and detailed tattoos. (Usually of fearsome dragons, because he's pretty freakin' fearsome.)

    - Kiko "Yamato" Miyasaki loved his mother just like any other boy. But, when the mob decides that his mother's backed protection bills on her doughnut shop deserve a punishment, he is forced to join the Japanese Yakuza to find her protection. Now his meek heart is trapped between worlds, one of clandestine crime and the other of simple passiveness. How long can a gentle man stand to be cruel?

    - Abel was once a smart and sensible boy. Now, his mind is clouded by an insatiable lust for marrow and sinew. Abel once worked in a tattoo shop on the Miami beach boardwalk. Now, he crouches over the rotted husks of long-dead vermin with others of his kind, forever searching for sustenance that does not satisfy. Abel once found peace in the setting sun as he buoyed up and down on his surfboard. Now, he stands on the ashen remains of a ruined Earth, and as his broken black eyes absorb the twilight he feels a distant familiarity- promptly swallowed by the drive of famine.

  2. lol steven you sexy little manbeast..

  3. Let this be a warning to all, comrades! Should you provide sketches without back story that are largely ambiguous, I will not be able to stop myself from retroactively pulling stories from them. This is a skill I enjoy, and this blog is all about improvement, right? (Also, keeps me from having to crit technique on unfinished sketches!)

  4. Oh steven, you card. I'm totally posting a char sketch later just to get some lols.