Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lindsey-002 Personal Chars

Some personal characters I've been working on for freaking ever between more pressing projects. I want to finish these two in particular before school but I'm not sure how likely that will be..


  1. So Steven doesn't go off on a wild imagination spree,

    Kale Yuzda (15) Enjoys fishing, swimming, and boating. Recently escaped after a two year stint as someone's science project. Poor eyesight in red (transplanted) eye. Chooses not to speak due to a side effect of SCIENCE. Fairly certain that someone is out to get him. Understands but cannot write the national language where he ends up, communicates largely through Lalita who can read body language. Agile, nimble, and excels at using other people's size and weight against them.

    "Trik" Aurkene (~35) Enjoys boozin', flirtin', partyin', gossipin', shootin' and ladies. Child of an illicit affair between a former mogul/socialite and the ringleader of the black market. Has uncountable half siblings on her father's side, a sister and niece on her mother's. Is a fountain of helpful rumors and gossip but probably won't stop talking once she's gone through the important stuff. A skilled archer but wishes her overprotective half-brother would lay off and let her get up close to the action.

    Are you guys able to maximize these? It's not working for me...

  2. Yeah I can max.

    A shame I can not produce dramatic prose here.

  3. steven how about you post something if you want to max :P

    great job lindsey i like the colors i like how your characters are very stylish and have alot of acessories

    one crit if i may add the girls waist is too twisted for her pose.. most of her body runs straight except for her waist..

  4. jordan has a good point, the legs aren't turning with the pelvis (it appears). I think the bottom part of her top (shirt blouse w/e) should be twisting to reflect the movement, but very good overall!

  5. Thanks J & J, I see what you mean. Will get on that asappppp.

  6. Really nice looking characters. ;D
    What I'd like to see you do is try to use less to say more. It seems you throw a lot of accessories and things on a character and have them wear a hell of a lot of things that show what type of person they are.
    Play the hell out of other things like body type and posture to get points across instead of relying mainly on costume and accessory.

  7. Stiff pose nukka please inject some contrapasta with some lingwini saace. trufax rofflelmaololzbewbzlolzomg no afks jkjk
    but seriousla you wants some BOOM headshotsULTRAKILLGODLIKE in dat hip. PROJiAM THiAT BiACON

    Something about her expression and posture are contrary to the character you've laid out. seems like she could be slightly more butch. short hair, tats, piercings push that idea. she doesn't seem deadly enough

    alex y devin