Saturday, September 19, 2009

Art Center Figure Workshops!

Just want to let you guys know that there are free figure drawing and painting sessions @ artcenter every week. Here is the fall09 schedule.

Monday 2pm-7pm Llanos, Ronald Figure Drawing: Room 102

Tuesday 2pm-7pm Castanon, Mark Figure Drawing: Room 111

Wednesday 2pm-7pm Kusama, Tasha Figure Drawing: Room 110

Wednesday 2pm-5pm Cheetham, Sean Portrait Painting: Room 111

Thursday 5pm-10pm Hu, Charles Costume/Figure Painting: Room 103

Friday 4pm-10pm Shinmoto, Kirk Figure Drawing: Room 110

Friday 4pm-10pm Nentrup, Erin Costume Painting: Room 111

Saturday 10am-3pm Sanchez, Sergio Head Drawing: Room 103

Walk in and walk out anytime you want~!!! Btw, they are great instructors~!!! Lets draw some figures when we have extra time...


  1. Wow Brian! you're the man~! I'm definitely gonna go to these figure drawing classes. Thanks man :D

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  3. No problem Paul~! I will try to do it everyday for an hour. I went to Kirk Shinmoto's workshop before I came here to ArtCenter. Besides, Kirk Shinmoto, Charles Hu and Sergio Sanchez taught me a lot in figure drawings...they are the best~!!! If you want to paint, definitely check out Sean Cheetham da master...I will c u there~!

  4. dude! kirk is awesome! i think i might have to go to his

  5. i'll see you guys there if you go.
    i go at least twice a week

  6. No problem guys~! Yea Kirk is awesome~!!! I am going on Friday, cu there.