Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pikay Random Shit

This is my latest quick grayscale concept. 2 hours
A variety of quick helmet concepts for a futuristic soldier.
It was intended to be a 1 hour painting then it became a 3 hour painting (thx to my OD)...didn't like the way it came out, so no more of this.
Demon Lord, Yah! very original...
A series of undead Grayscale. Got pretty boring.

Sorry Jordan for not posting anything on here. I'm Korean and Koreans are known to be a bunch of shy sissies : D.


  1. awesome thanks paul! i love your characters! way to kick my butt.. :D maybe something you could work on is a bit more contrast in your lights and darks but besides that keep posting!!

  2. Yeah Thanks man! I definitely need to work on getting the contrast right.

  3. WOW REally grate work man ceep it coming

  4. Thanks Robert! didn't notice you posted a comment. Your latest work has been bad ass! inspiring stuff~