Saturday, September 26, 2009

Okay...Study models just destroyed my well being for two days in a row. Gonna redo it tomorrow :(

Here's something from a few weeks ago that I wanted to post but forgot
(My rendition of Moiraine from the Wheel of Time novel series.)

still gotta finish VISCOM, DRILL PRESS, DSN FUND, STUDY MODELS(ARGH), WAY THINGS WORK, AND DESIGN PROCESS. Yeah that's every class... :(


  1. thanks for posting med!! way to keep this blog alive anything outside of art center is what keeps me going or else i would go nuts..

    haha yea i need to do those same classes.. too bad all those classes could all be a weeks worth of homework each..

    i would tell you to finish something but who am i if i dont finish anything myself. great job dont lose heart!