Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jordan -002

i felt really bad for my lack of posting.. so i thought id make a fast ship idea..
ill let steven come up with this story..
wanted to resemble a crab and work off a ship idea from that..
thought it turned out pretty good..
bout 45 mins


  1. That's an interesting design, it does have the essence of a crab. Really cool. Not to be nit picky, and I'm sure you're aware of this, but the reflection doesn't make sense, from the camera/eye level we should be able to see what's under the crab ship :) Other than that, sweet dude

  2. Imthar was in his greatest time of need. His family was dead, his village was plundered, and the earth was barren and loathe to grow. That was why Imthar had made the longest journey- through fields of molten pitch and woods of grasping fauna- to see his God. But in the silent Cave of Eternal Tranquility, his prayers seemed to go unanswered. Imthar quivered and wept as the passion of his rituals swept over his body, but at the end of each one his God remained motionless.

    Still and quiet, over the all-span of a lake older than memory, filled drop by drop with the souls of his ancestors.

    Imthar's people had not seen their god move from his watch in eon. Imthar would not see his god move when he needed him most. All Imthar could hear was the gentle whirring of his god's great belly.

    It seemed the language of divine apathy to him.

  3. lol yea.. med i got lazy.. didnt feel like doing an underbelly for the shine but now it looks dumb.. ill just get rid of it..
    and steven great job.. you are a story genius..