Monday, August 17, 2009

Lindsey - 003 Moar Chars

Some done-er things. Trying to take into account Brit's point about streamlining things but it's... very hard. Exceedingly. Nigh on impossible.


  1. Wow I think Blogger raped the quality of these. Hrmmm.


    Guy up top has the same backstory as last time.

    Second guy, "Limbo" Aurkene, 45-ish, half-brother of the lesbian-doesn't-look-like-a-lesbian from last time. They have the same father whose weak genes only gave them the shared trait of epic height and huskiness. His father managed to come home often enough to abuse him, his biological brother, and his mother between outings with the more sparkly and perfumed ladies of society. Took away from his youth a mean case o' th' OCD and grew up to be unhealthily overprotective. Likes big guns and customizing things.

    Lalita Rupali: About 19. From a recently-settled tribe of holistic medicine women. Didn't make the cut to go on a 20 year pilgrimage to "heal the world" as is custom, freaked out, stole her more successful sister's pilgrimage uniform and ran away. Dreads going back. Is not entirely qualified for the duties the uniform means she is able to perform, but it offers her protection... what scraps of it are left, at least. But she's learning! And she can name a few people who would be dead without her, at least.

  2. i love the last pic!! it has great lighting and character.. the pose is very interesting too great job on that one..

  3. Hello. These are pretty cool, I like the second character design's dynamic elements as compared to the other two. The last chick's footwear styling is quite interesting. rock on