Saturday, August 29, 2009

'looking forward to meeting new people.

from a sketch session not too long ago with some people:


  1. I'll be there!

    Steven has a lot to do but he'll try and show up if he can.

  2. Wow Great stuff!!!

    Just wondering... when will the LAN party end today?

  3. thanks!

    too bad you weren't at the LAN, it was pretty fun yo

  4. Omg Med, you are pretty crazy! at first I was like, "why is he posting stuff on here...maybe he graduated from ACCD?" but then you're same year as all of us! Honestly, I'm extremely excited that someone as amazing as you are gonna be attending ACCD.

  5. cool seeing you med.. and bombing you up in cod4 :D

    looking forward from learning from you guys and also sharing!

  6. PHK - haha wow dude, thanks lol. naw i'm a noob, there's so much to learn can't wait for term to start. I remember seeing your name on deviant art, i think I commented on your ACCD portfolio a while back. (great work)

    jordan - lol likewise. you owned me with your l337 sniper skillz. can't wait to LAN again sir